Muswell Hill Supermoons 6 vs 14 Crouch End Tigers

Supermoons vs Tigers Oct 4th 2015

Supermoons vs Tigers Oct 4th 2015


Supermoons – Larwood, McNeill, Saunders

Tigers – Morris, Stronge, Waring


In this fight off of local rivals, Dopplevolfsball legend Richard Morris debuted his new franchise with tallest ever Volfsball player Matt Stronge. Down on players they took Snakehips Waring out on loan. Meanwhile McNeill was back on his first appearance for a while for the Supermoons, while Larwood was clearly nursing a hangover and Saunders looking sprightly in minimalist shorts.


1st Quarter

As the game commenced McNeilll confidently sang ‘I’ve got a golden ticket’, the onlooking crowd eagerly awaited a chance to see his shining skills. Stronge looked like a star in the making hitting his first shot and scoring a Volfsball with his second putting the debutants up 6-1 within 30 seconds. Suddenly McNeill’s ticket did not look so golden. Supermoons were shooting like dickheads and the first quarter ended 7-1.


2nd Quarter

The second quarter saw great blocking and defence from the Supermoons, but terrible shooting all round. Larwood scored two to bring them to within four of the Tigers, the first half ending 7-3.


3rd Quarter

More great defensive work from McNeill, but the Moons couldn’t score. Stronge playing as powerfully as his name for the Tigers, accounting for their scores as the orange clad giants led 10-5 with just three minutes left to play.


4th Quarter

By the fourth quarter it was quite apparent that the Supermoons couldn’t score and the a flurry of shots from Morris and Stronge sealed a comfortable debut win for the Tigers 14-6 handing the Supermoons their sixth consecutive loss.

NameShotsHits%PtsPPSBlks/IntOff RebVolfsballs
Richard Morris
Matt Stronge
Hannah Wareing (Tigers)512010.20000
Marek Larwood (Supermoons)1542640.26300
Dave McNeill (Supermoons)1421420.14610
Lou Sanders