Muswell Hill Supermoons 5 v 7 Balham Choke Hazard

Supermoons 5 v 7 Choke Hazard


Muswell Hill Supermoons vs Balham Choke Hazard


Supermoons – Larwood, Bannard, Hart

Choke Hazard – T. Saunders, Hunt, M. Saunders


With the Champions’ Shield match delayed due to the Choppers taking an undeserved holiday, the 2016 season opener was contested by All Comers champs, the Muswell Hill Supermoons, and the on-form Balham Choke Hazard. It was the first time these titans of the sport had clashed.

1st Third

Both teams looked rusty at the start of the match, with no one able to connect until newcomer Richie Hart struck aluminium with a one pointer and collected his own rebound, surely putting him into contention for rookie of the year. Hart scored again before the ‘whistle’, but the star of the 1st third was surely James Hunt of the Choke Hazard, who blocked a massive five shots. It was 2-0 to the Moons at the end of the first.


2nd Third

Now fully lubricated, the volfsball veterans were firing on all cylinders. Larwood hooked a shot over Hunt, Hall unleashed a power ball, and Hunt clanged the first kick-score of the year. Within moments it was 4-6 to the Hazard.


3rd Third

Volfsballs continued to elude both teams as attempts from Hunt, Larwood, and Hall rattled the rim. Towards the end of the 3rd, Larwood called the first ever timeout in volfsball history. It proved unproductive, as Mandy Saunders immediately opened her account with a one pointer, putting the Hazard ahead 5-7 and securing the side from Balham their first victory of the season.

 ShotsHits%PtsPPSBlks/IntOff RebVolfsballs
Marek Larwood (Supermoons)1121820.18100
Lee Bannard (Supermoons)50000110
Richie Hart (Supermoons)933330.33110
Thom Saunders (Choke Hazard)1721220.12000
James Hunt (Choke Hazard)425041900
Mandy Saunders (Choke Hazard)215010.5000