Muswell Hill Supermoons 24 v 13 West Wirral Snakehips

Supermoons vs Snakehips Oct2015

Supermoons vs Snakehips Oct2015


Muswell Hill Supermoons Vs West Wirral Sankehips

With Lou Sanders going home to do work the Supermoons were left short, but drafted in the Tigers players Morris and Stronge so they could play one more game. Some may call this match fixing but no-one wanted to question game creator Marek Larwood.

1st Quarter

Supermoons surged into a 4-0 lead before Rob Marland stunned the crowd with two Volfsballs within a minute to make it 10-4. The baying crowd of other players knew they were in for something special when Dave McNeill hit a Volfsball bring the Moons within one 10-9. McNeill was four from five from the field as the Supermoons closed the highest scoring quarter in history up 11-10 despite being on the receiving end of Marland’s two Volfsballs.

2nd Quarter

The highlight of the second quarter was a pug running onto the pitch only to be threatened with death by “being turned upside down so it can’t breath” by spectating Chopper James Rowland. Matt Stronge showed his Volfsball credentials by hitting another 5 pointer and the Supermoons were looking good to break their six game losing streak up 17-10 at the half.

3rd Quarter

Larwood subbed off leaving McNeill, Stronge and Morris in the tallest line up and the giant’s controlled the game leading 20-11 with a quarter left.

4th Quarter

Back in the fourth Larwood and McNeill were shooting with an accuracy that wasn’t present in their earlier match and the big lead led to both sides attempted some audacious Dopplevolfsballs but there were no magic moments s and the Supermoons prevailed 24-13 over the Snakehips albeit with the aid of a couple of ringers.

* Please note in the statistics one of the Supermoon’s points is unaccounted for as the camera man turned away from the game to watch Tom Bell showing off and all that was heard was the bang and the score change while Bell danced around in his tight shorts.

NameShotsHits%PtsPPSBlks/IntOff RebVolfsballs
Rob Marland
Matt Somerville
Hannah Wareing (Snakehips)10000300
Marek Larwood (Supermoons)757150.71300
Dave McNeill (Supermoons)12650100.83311
Matt Stronge
Richard Morris