Muswell Hill Supermoons 14 v 13 West Wirral Snakehips

Game 4 2016 Report


Muswell Hill Supermoons vs West Wirral Snakehips


24th April 2016




Larwood, Bannard, Hart




Marland, Waring, Utley



Having both lost their first games of the season, these old rivals were keen to notch up a win. In 2015, the Snakehips led head to head meetings of the teams 3-1.


1st Third


With the very first shot of the game Wareing hit a Volfsball, the perfect start. Larwood and Bannard added one pointers. At the end of the first third the Snakehips led 8-3, although an error in scoring meant it should have been 9-3. This point would be crucial later, a reverse of a similar situation that occurred last year when a Moons point was not counted in the same fixture.


2nd Third

Another third of free flowing attacking Volfsball, several players Wareing, Utley and Larwood displaying very accurate shooting leading to the teams trading points, until Hart hit a Volfsball, with a nothing but net shot. The third ended with Moons leading 11-10, and we were poised for a classic.


3rd Third

Great defence from Hart in the final third meant both teams were struggling to score. Compared to other games there was a lot of movement around the circle which lead to a very watchable game. Larwood and Utley remained accurate for their respective teams, the Moons surged ahead 13-12 with 20 seconds left. Under pressure the Hazard’s Utley scored to level it. The Moons took advantage of the new time out rule to stop the clock with eight seconds remaining to plan their strategy. Larwood took a simple loop shot and the Moons were victorious 14-13 as time ran out.

*Volfsball rules state the score on the day stands, however uncounted points are counted in player stats, and league tables.

 ShotsHits%PtsPPSBlks/IntOff RebVolfsballs
Marek Larwood (Supermoons)658350.83300
Lee Bannard (Supermoons)512010.2110
Richie Hart (Supermoons)1243380.66411
Rob Marland (Snakehips)1553350.33320
Hannah Wareing (Snakehips)722860.85001
Andy Utley (Snakehips)536030.6100