Harringay Choppers 8 vs 8 Balham Choke Hazard

Choppers vs Choke Hazard Volfsball

Two Debutant Teams Face off

Harringay Choppers Vs Balham Choke Hazard

Choke Hazard – T. Saunders, M. Saunders, Nixon (sub Buckley)

Choppers – Bell, Flannery, Rowland


Dressed in black the bad boys of Volfsball headed to the field. Led by Tom Bell clad in intimidatingly tight shorts supported by his hairy cohorts Paul Flannery and James Rowland both sporting beards and transfers. Bell revealed his left buttock adorned with a Choppers transfer and everyone felt scared.


1st Quarter


Choke Hazard took an early lead but then a lovely period of passing play saw Bell, Flannery and Rowland all score and rebound giving the Choppers a 3-1 lead after the first three minutes, the men in black playing with the confidence of old hands.


2nd Quarter


Captain Tom Bell took control in the second quarter, retaining possession with crucial offensive rebounds and hit a couple to retain a 5-3 going into the third.


3rd Quarter

In this tense defensive battle the testosterone was dripping off the pitch as the teams exchanged blows Buckley and Saunders scoring for the Hazard, Bell knocking in one pointers for the Choppers. Great passing from Choppers didn’t translate into scores and the third quarter ended with the Choppers leading 6-5 in what could be anyone’s game.


4th Quarter

Immediately the game turned on it’s head as Buckley scored two quick points in succession to give the Choke Hazard a 7-6 lead. Rowland’s quickly replied making 7-7 with two minutes left. Bell scored his fifth of the game to make it 8-7, with 30 seconds left on the clock. With 12 seconds to go at 8-7, Mandy Saunders hit a shot, but neglected to pass it in to another player before throwing it in, handing possession back to the Choppers. Rather than run out the clock they shot and missed handing possession back to the Hazard. The ball was fed back to Saunders who redeemed herself with a last second shot to seal the first ever Volfsball draw and keep the Hazard undefeated.


Final Score 8-8


NameShotsHits%PtsPPSBlks/IntOff RebVolfsballs
Thom Saunders
(Choke Hazard)
Russ Buckley
(Choke Hazard)
Mandy Saunders
(Choke Hazard)
Greg Nixon
(Choke Hazard)
Tom Bell
Paul Flannery
James Rowland