Germinators vs Supermoons

Rhein Ruhr Germinators vs Muswell Hill Supermoons


Already disillusion was spreading among the Germinators ranks. Nick Dixon was yet again moaning about wanting to join another team despite being outplayed by his captain and Thia Russell in the earlier game.


Larwood, Feilder and Howie started the game for the Supermoons and it the game was almost over after a clinical first quarter. The Moons connecting on 8 out of 13 shots and the exertion of the previous game taking it’s toll. First quarter ended 8-1.


The second quarter and the game was attracting a crowd in the form of a lady picking blackberries in the field. Meanwhile Super sub James Kettle went off to find his wife (pre-existing not looking for a new wife) mid game. He was not to be seen again until the fourth quarter. Henning couldn’t find his shooting skills from the previous game and Jamie Glassman came on to add some points for the Moons, rounding out the half 13-3.


The lady with the blackberries lost interested as the annihilation continued, Glassman rounding out the quarter with a spectacular last second shot to put the Supermoons up 16-3.


A furious Henning When berating his team from the sidelines ‘Come on do you still want to play or what?’ But the Germinators were broken and despite a lucky bounce score from the contentious Dixon they found themselves facing the biggest ever Volfsball defeat 22-4. The Supermoons deadly accurate shooting from the field shooting 47% as a team compared to just 13% from the Germinators.


NameShotsHits%PtsPPSBlks/IntOff RebVolfsballs
Marek Larwood
Jamie Glassman
Simon Feilder
Josh Howie
Nick Dixon
James Kettle
Thia Russell
Henning Wehn