Game 13 – Snakehips vs Supermoons

Marland of the Snakehips goes for a Volfsball over Sussman

Marland of the Snakehips goes for a Volfsball over Sussman

Game 13 – 16th August 2015


Line Ups –


Supermoons – Larwood, McNeill, Louw (Subs. Sussman Woodings)

Snakehips – Marland, Utley Wareing (Subs McElwain)


The unbeaten West Wirral Snakehips fielded an unchanged starting three after their successful debut two weeks ago. They faced a Supermoons side hungry for revenge with defensive powerhouse Dave McNeill back from holiday.


Larwood, Louw and McNeill passed it round well early on, with McNeill blocking and Larwood accurate from the shooting line the Moons were up early with a 2-0 lead. Then Rob Marland hit a Volfsball to propel the Snakehips to 5-2. The Moons fought back to 5-4 sticking to one pointers from the field. But late defensive lapses and perfect shooting from Rob saw the half finish 8-5 to the team in yellow.


The Second quarter saw Andy Woodings and Chris Sussman make their debuts for McNeill and Larwood. And Sussman looked sharp early pulling the Moons back to 8-7. But defensive play from Hannah Wareing and powerful shooting from Snakehips sub Wade McElwain saw the half end 10-7.


Third quarter much of the same, Marland on fire for the Snakehips, but everyone else misfiring. 15-10 with a quarter left, the Snakehips looked to be in control.


A brief flurry from the Moons saw them pull back to 15-13, but a burst of scoring and offensive rebounding from McElwain and more blocks from Wareing saw the Snakehips maintain their unbeatern record with a 19-15 victory.


NameShotsHits%PtsPPSBlks/IntOff RebVolfsballs
Rob Marland (Snakehips)9777111.22021
Andy Utley (Snakehips)1243340.33100
Hannah Wareing (Snakeships)50000320
Wade McElwain
Marek Larwood (Supermoons)955550.55020
Dave McNeill (Supermoons)940.4440.44710
Dan Louw
Andy Woodings
Chris Sussman