Choppers 23 v 10 Kongs

Harringay Choppers lift Volfsball Cup

Harringay Choppers lift Volfsball Cup




Kongs – D Reed, J Reed, Sukan

Choppers – Bell, Rowland Hall



And so to what could be the final game with the Choppers needing a win to lift the Cup, the Kongs needing to win by more than two to put them into a points table with the top two on goal difference making the final.



It was all cagey stuff at the start. Rowland squeezing a bounce shot between the tight Reed brothers defence, and John Reed getting one of his trademark one pointers. Then Rowland was able to get a close shot due to the Reed brothers deep defence hitting his first Volfsball and the Choppers were 6-1 with their eye on making history.


In typical Kongs style they were slowly clawing their way back with John Reed’s trademark one point shots. The score 6-5, when Bell slammed in a Volfsball followed by another, and in just 15 or so seconds the Choppers had a commanding 16-5 lead.


The Kongs stuck with their deep defending and slow but surely one point game plan and at the end of the third they trailed 17-9.


But before the fourth had started it was all over with Bell’s record equalling third Volfsball in one game putting the Choppers up 23-9. The Kongs had no choice but to go for the outrageous big scores to equalize, but they could only manage a point. The game ended 23-10 with riotous celebration from the Choppers. An incredible performance from Tom Bell seeing his team collect the first piece of Volfsball Silverware.


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Tom Bell
Tom Hall
James Rowland
David Reed
Idil Sukan
John Reed