Camden Kongs

Camden Kongs Logo MediumDavid Reed’s Camden Kongs were the second ever Volfsball team to be created. They played in the first ever game on June 6th 2015.

Kong’s player Gemma Whelan scored the first ever Volfsball point, and Richard Morris the first ever Volfsball and DoppleVolfsball.

After a successful first season they finished runners up in the  2015 All Comer’s League. Despite not making many league appearances in 2016, they managed an incredible double winning  season the inaugural World Cup with a last minute Volfsball from Captain David Reed, and winning the Larwood Cup on penalties with a Volfsball in near pitch black conditions from Martin Cavanagh.

Their colours are Red and White.


World Cup winning team – J. Reed, Tuck, D. Reed


Camden Kongs June Team

Camden Kongs – Reed, Reed & Tuck

League Positions

2016 – 7th

2015 – 2nd


2016 World Champions

2016 Larwood Invitational Winners

2015 All Comers League Runners Up

2015 MVP – John Reed

List of Camden Kongs Players

David Reed (Captain)

John Reed

Thom Tuck

Gemma Whelan

Richard Morris

Danielle Ward

Idil Sukan

Martin Cavanagh


Camden Kongs Team Photo

Gemma Whelan, Thom Tuck, David Reed

Whelan, J.Reed & D.Reed eating bananas at halftime

Whelan, J.Reed & D.Reed eating bananas at halftime