New Season Alert!

Millions of pounds of trophies to be won.

Screams of excitement echoed through the streets of London as news spread of the forthcoming 2018 Volfsball season.

‘When is it? When is it?’ cried the baying mob outside Commissioner Larwood’s house.

‘It’s Sunday April 29th, 2pm weather permitting, in the usual field in Highgate, details of the address on the website’ he replied succinctly. ‘Bring flour and £1 each for subs or go home. Everyone welcome apart from dickheads.’

Keen eyes would see a new trophy amongst this years shining offerings – the Speed Volfsball Cup. The new contest will be played on 20th May (provisional date only), same rules as normal only each game has no breaks, two time outs per team and first to 11 points wins.

In other news there is rumours of a split amongst the Stonehewers with Ben Stanier and Gregory Stanier forming their own teams. Elsewhere the Harringay Choppers were devastated to learn that their mascot the Harringay Station Cat handed in his notice with the excuse that he moved to South London. Will they be able to recover from the shock? Only time will tell. Such drama already and the season has yet to begin.

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