Moons lift Champions Shield

24th June Volfsball

Forecasters predicted rain, pushing the early start back to one. In the end the predicted storm took the form of one minute of rain at 1pm, the weathermen throughout the world were exposed as a pack of incompetent liars. But this is not about weather it’s about the greatest sport of the 21st Century.

Volfsball welcomed back the holders of the World Championship and the Larwood Invitational Cup from last season the Camden Kongs, who would seek to add to their silverware in the Champions Shield match up later in the day with the Supermoons.

Henning Wehn managed to recruit a player as the Rhein Ruhr Germinators also made their season debut.

All the teams from June 24th

Camden Kongs vs Stonehewers

What better way for the Kongs to shake the rust off than a game against the Stonehewers, World Champions against the league leaders. It started off with Ben Stanier hitting a one, and the sure handed king of the one pointers John Reed striking back for the Kongs. But the Stonehewers sailed into a 10-2 first third lead off the back of Alex Stanier’s first Volfsball, in a stellar 7 point first third for him.

Within a minute of the second third, danger man Ben Stanier had hit another Volfsball, and Alex Stanier continued his perfect start from the field, the Stonehewers up 18-3.

Martin Cavanagh hit a Volfsball for the Kongs to pull them back to 19-8, but the Stonehewers won with points to spare 21-8. Alex Stanier top scoring with 11. The Kongs shocked by the advances made in Volfsball during their absence. In addition I am shocked by quite how often auto correct tries to change Kongs to Kings.

Supermoons vs Germinators

The Moons unveiled their new signing Max Whittle, joining the classic line up of Larwood and Feilder. Whereas Germinators Captain Henning Wehn had recruited Dana Haqjoo and got Martin Cavanagh on load from the Kongs.

Germinators went 1-0 up, but some fast passing from the Moons saw them jump into a 4-1 lead.

A truly dominate display from the Supermoons in the second third, saw them jump into a 13 -1 lead. Six offensive rebounds split between the three players saw them get a stranglehold on possession.

The Germinators needed points and Henning Wehn obliged with a Volfsball, but it was not enough, as the Moons were victorious 18-8 (scored 17-9 on the day). A great team display, Larwood with eight points, Whittle with four blocks and  four offensive rebounds, and Feilder with five points and three offensive rebounds as the team tabled a total of 9 offensive rebounds. Giving the Moons 38 shots in the match compared to the Germinators 23.

Stonehewers vs Supermoons

The top two in the table met, but it was the second placed Supermoons who shot into a an 8-1 lead through a barrage of singles from Whittle and a Volfsball from Larwood. The Stonehewers fought back to 8-4 after the first third.

Tight defending in the second third saw the Moons up 9-7 with just three minutes to go.

The Moons played tight defensively again and were 11-9 in a good position for a vital win with just 10 seconds left. The Stonehewers took a time out, and then Gregory Stanier hit a 3 point kick with five seconds on the clock, Alex Stanier grabbed the rebound and shot giving them a 13-11 win from out of nowhere. The Moons felt sick in their mouthes.

Germinators vs Kongs

Both teams looking for their first win of the season to elevate them from the dreaded bottom of the league spot. Gregory Stanier on loan from the Stonehewers for the Germinators.  Dana Haqjoo starting brightly with points and blocks to put the Germinators ahead. But the MVP from 2015, John Reed, was beginning to find his rhythm, hitting a series of looping one pointers. Germinators up 4-3 after the first third.

John Reed was at the centre of things again in the second third, piling on the one pointers as the Kongs turned the tables and went into a 7-5 lead. Then a single and a lovely kick from Haqjoo saw the Germinators jump ahead 9-7 at the two third break.

Haqjoo continued the scoring in the final third amassing 10 of his teams 14, in the 14-12 victory. John Reed also scoring ten for the Kongs.

Germinators vs Stonehewers

The Stonehewers were going for their seventh consecutive win a league record. But it was the Germinators who started strong Whittle (on loan from the Moons) hitting a Volfsball, then Wehn with some singles, an 8-3 at the first third.

Meanwhile some weird parakeet was making odd sounds from the trees. The Germinators continued to pressure the Stonehewers, up 10-5. However on the day this was again scored incorrectly 9-6, this would come back to haunt the Germinators.

The last third saw Whittle replaced with Simon Feilder, and the Germinators continued their assault. A series of one pointers gave saw them edge the match 11-10, however scoring errors when video tape of the match was reviewed showed the Germinators won 11-10. However Volfsball rules dictate the score on the day stands, and the Stonehewers probably would have found a way to win anyway.

Champions Shield

Supermoons vs Kongs

Time for the first silverware of the season, as last years league winners the Supermoons faced the Larwood Invitational Cup winners the Camden Kongs.

The Kongs started the strongest, John Reed hitting his textbook one pointers as they led 4-2, the Moons yet to show the flowing style they had displayed earlier in the day.

The Moons returned to their earlier form as led by Larwood they played the Kongs at their own game, hitting the conservative ones, leading 8-7 at before the final break (although this was scored 7-7 on the day).

The Moons continued to press in the last third. Both teams nervous with the thought that the winner would become the team with the most trophies in Volfsball. The Moons superior shooting accuracy put them up 12-9 with seconds left. Feilder hit his first Volfsball of the season to give the Moons the Charity Shield 17-9 (scored 16-9 on the day).

Moons celebrate Champions Shield victory


Camden Kongs 8 v 21 Stonehewers

Supermoons 18 v 8 Rhein Ruhr Germinators

Supermoons 11 v 13 Stonehewers

Kongs 12 v 14 Germinators

Germinators 10 v 11 Stonehewers (actual score 11-10)

Champions Shield

Supermoons 17 v 9 Kongs

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