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February 2016

Volfsball is seeking sponsorship as the new fibreglass prism is being made by chief Volfsball engineer Alan Larwood. The new season is set to kick off some time in April depending on weather.

The World Championships are set for June, but we are currently struggling for a venue.

World Championship T-shirts and mugs are available in the Volfsball Shop.

2016 World Championship T-Shirt Red

2016 World Championship T-Shirt Red

December 2015

Bad weather means there is no more Volfsball in the All Comers League and the Muswell Hill Supermoons are crowned the first champions.

Cool Dudes

Cool Dudes

Der Goldene Volf takes place in the Wirral with four teams competing for the Northern Volfsball Cup.

game 4, phil birss intercept

November 2015

New merchandise hits the Volfsball Shop.

Volfsball Merch

Volfsball Merch

October 2015

The Larwood Invitational Cup saw the Harringay Choppers, Muswell Hill Supermoons and Camden Kongs compete for the least known prize in sport. The Choppers emerged victorious.

Harringay Choppers Celebrate winning cup

Harringay Choppers Celebrate winning cup


August 2015


Who is the best ever Volfsball player? Matthew Marsh, that’s who. The 61 year-old destroyed everyone on a sunny Saturday in late August scoring a lead leading five Volfsballs in just two matches.

Marsh strikes again

Marsh strikes again

Just when you thought more excitement was impossible the North brought it’s glamour to the Volfsball field, as the West Wirral Snakehips yellow uniforms brightened up the Volfsball field in a remarkable debut.

Marek about to score Volfsball for Supermoons vs Snakehips

Marek about to score Volfsball for Supermoons vs Snakehips

July 2015

Yet more games took place in London, with Henning Wehn’s Rhein Ruhr Germinators making their debut. Elsewhere Richard Morris achieved the impossible in scoring the first ever Dopplevolfsball.

June 2015

Volfsball finally arrived in London, and the first ever games took place in a field in North London between the Supermoons and the Kongs. You can read the reports and see videos here: Game 1  Game 2 Game 3 Game 4

First Ever Volfsball Games, Supermoons defend againsy Camden Kongs

Meanwhile Adam Riches revealed that High School rules Volfsball is to be the subject of his new Edinburgh Show.

May 2015

The Supermoons launched their home made kit. Meanwhile everyone in the world of Volfsball was waiting for a welder to receive the bearings to make the Volfsball stand spin freely. The wait has lasted  the whole of April and May. After the part had been delivered to the wrong address the Volfsball hierachy has been informed a new bit is on it’s way and things should be ready by the start of June.

April 2015

The second prototype was tested back on the Isle of Wight. Everyone shat themselves about how well it worked and discussed how Volfsball was the greatest sport ever. Even though they were all members of Marek’s friends and family they were completely unbiased.

Minor changes are being made so the Volfsball stand spins properly, then it is set to be shipped to London for the first matches.

AprilPuttingStandTogether2 April-PuttingStandTogether AprilVolfsballGame2

March 2015

The first part of the documentary charting the progress of Volfsball from birth has been released on Youtube. Enrich your lives by watching it immediately.


Volfsball is now offering you the chance to own your own official franchise with any £10 T-shirt purchase or £10 donation. All new teams will be sent an official certificate of membership and added to the website. This is an attempt to raise money to get the sport off the ground. Marek went on Americarnage Podcast to announce this enthralling news story.

IMG_0457 IMG_0456Also the new Volfsball T-shirt have arrived and are modeled here by Harry Holgate and Dan Louw. Please visit the store and buy one million. Thank you.

A host of new teams have taken up this new offer, you can see the updated Volfsball franchises here. Welcome to the Chessington Ebola Bears, Crystal Palace Dinos, Folkestone Fried Eggs and Cuculus Canorus.


February 2015

While work continues on the next prototype, meanwhile Marek has been designing logos which have taken him the best part of a weekend.volfsballstandtshirtblackworldchampionship2015d



January 2015

More merchandise has hit the store. Stylish Volfsball T-shirt, guaranteed to arouse even the oldest family member. Here is one being modelled by superhero Marek:


Volfsball released a semi-comprehensible video teaching future Volfsballers the game:

December 2014

Christmas Eve trials of Volfsball, changed everyone’s lives, as they realised they were at the birth of the greatest sport of the 21st Century.

2014-12-24 15:45:14

Also the first Volfsball merchandise arrived. Volfsball badges! You can show your support for Volfsball by buying one from our shop. The perfect present for the able bodied or disabled.



November 2014

New video of the very first Volfsball test.

October 2014

The first pictures of the prototype Volfsball structure have emerged. Master builder Alan Larwood has constructed the scoring post, with the Volfsball hoop at the top. Sizes are yet to be finalised, until after the preliminary Volfsball development games.

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