Happy Friends Dominate Week One

Twelve players braved the tail end of Storm Hannah to compete on the opening day of the fifth Volfsball season. Who would have thought back in 2014 the creation of commissioner Marek Larwood would lead to almost global domination in just five years. A miracle. And speaking of miracles the storm abated to allow our athletes to do what they were born for – play Volfsball.

Before the season starts a special shout out must go out to Matt Vernalls. A Volfsball fan who very kindly donated to pay for the MVP award, Speedball Cup and League Trophy this year. Thanks Matt.

KilBonez v Happy Friends

Season opener saw the Kilbonez take on Gregory Stanier’s cup winning Happy Friends. Both sides struggled with accuracy early on but it was the Kilbonez John Collins who broke out of the funk first hitting the maiden Volfsball of the season to give them a 6-1 at the first third.

The next third was incredibly static, almost standing still Volfsball which allowed Gregory Stanier and Hew Ingram to pile on looping singles for a 9-8 Happy Friends lead.

Gregory Stanier continued to score under little pressure hitting eleven out of fifteen shots as they won 15-11.

Supermoons v Tramsmashers

Supermoons Captain Marek recruited Ben Stanier and Dom Herd to join his depleted squad and Richard Somerville of the Tramsmashers was joined by Alex Stanier and Matt Skillington.

There was a lot more movement and passing in this game but both sides again struggled dusting off the cobwebs as the Tramsmashers led 2-1.

In the second third Richard Somerville started hitting the singles as the Tramsmashers led 7-3, Larwood the only member of the Supermoons to score.

There wasn’t to be for long as down 9-3 with half third left Ben Stanier hit two Volfsballs in quick succession to give the Moons a 13-9 win.

Happy Friends v Tramsmashers

Everyone was hungry for Volfsballs, and the Happy Friends were taking advantage of the gluttony by scoring one pointers, they were 4-1 up early. This continued with Gregory Stanier scoring unrelenting single points while the Tramsmashers missed a hoard of Volfsball attempts.

Tramsmasher were down 12-1, hitting one out of 28 shots, the worst display ever in Volfsball until a last four for four flurry made it 12-5.

KilBonez v Moons

Tom led the way for the Kilbonez as they took advantage of wayward shooting from the Moons to go into a 4-1 lead.

Ben Stanier scored a kick for the Moons and they edged ahead 7-5 until Tom Pitts added to his stellar game with a Volfsball. Kilbonez up 10-7.

A second Volfsball of the day at the tof the final third put the Kilbonez well ahead and they went on to win 16-10 avenging their semi final defeat last year at the hands of the World Champions.

KilBonez v Happy Friends

A rematch with the top of the table at stake. Two varying styles on show, the Kilbonez going for Volfballs only while the Happy Friends were content to take low risk one pointers. It was the Friends whose tactics worked early on giving them a 4-0 lead.

The second third saw Tom Pitts, fast becoming the star of the Kilbonez, bringing his team into it but they still trailed 8-3. The final third again proved fruitless for the Kilbonez in terms of Volfsballs and the Happy Friends won 10-4.

KilBonez v London Nobodies

Players were starting to flag into the first day of play, and the Nobodies squad made up of Richard Somerville, Larwood and Alex & Ben Stanier did not move the ball around with as much fluency as earlier in the day. First third was even stevens though 2-2.

In the second third a Volfsball from Ben Stanier and perfect shooting from Alex saw the Nobodies surge into a 12-5 lead. Onto the final third, a third Volfsball of the day from John Collins sparked the Kilbonez to life but it was all they could muster and the Nobodies won 14-10.

London Nobodies v Happy Friends

An incredible start to the game as the Nobodies scored three Volfsballs on their first four shots, one coming from each player, Somerville, Larwood and Ben Stanier. They strode into what looked like an unassailable 16-3 lead.

In the next third the Nobodies got greedy failing to score a point going for audacious shots while a shot happy Gregory Stanier got a Volfsball back for the Friends 16-8. What followed was a subline quarter for the Happy Friends as Gregory Stanier added two Volfsballs early doors as they edged into a 19-18 lead. The Nobodies had no answer and an incredible fourth Volfsball of the game for Gregory Stanier preserved the Nobodies unbeaten record and gave them a stunning 25-19 victory.

KilBonez 11 v 15 Happy Friends

Moons 13 v 9 Tramsmashers

Happy Friends 12 v 5 Tramsmashers

KilBonez 16 v 10 Moons

KilBonez 4 v 10 Happy Friends

KilBonez 10 v 14 London Nobodies

London Nobodies 19 v 25 Happy Friends