Greatest Game of All Time?

August 4th Volfsball

It’s August and it’s still hot. A momentous day for Volfsball as another new side the Crosstown Ballers arrived sporting no fewer than eight players. Never has Volfsball seen such depth of squad.

Also the Panthers, KilBonez and Supermoons played. Little did we all know at this point in the day that we were about to witness one of the greatest sporting miracles.

Panthers v Moons

Greg Stanier was signed up for the Moons for the day alongside Marek Larwood and Max Whittle. Ben Stanier led the Panthers alongside Roman and Hew Ingram.

Looking to avenge for their defeat to the Moons in the Pitshanger Park Exhibition Match final, Ben Stanier hit a Volfsball early doors, Roman scored another and the they were 11-2 up with the game practically over already.

The Moons played better hitting singles in the second third to bring them back to 15-8. Could they claws back the deficit? No. The Panthers won 18-12.

Kilbonez v Ballers

The match with the biggest benches in history, the KillBonez had five players – Skillington, Howes, Collins, Herd and Pitts and the Ballers had a squad of eight (whose names I don’t currently know while writing this) led by Captain Jonny Iseli.

The first third was a defensive struggle and the two Johns, John Collins and Jonny Iseli emerged as chief points scorers for their respective teams. As the Ballers held a narrow 3-2 advantage.

The second third saw the Ballers adopting an under arm shooting policy, which didn’t seem to work, on the other side John Collins continued hitting the one points giving the Kilbonez the lead 5-4. The scoring on the pitch was slightly incorrect saying it was the other way round, but seasoned Volfsball players will know that the result on the day counts despite of retrospective errors.

In the final third the depth of the Ballers squad began to tell, the fresh legs of Tony Ogun, Rosie and Vinny started finding spaces in the Kilbonez defence, and scored a succession of singles. The Kilbonez tactics of trying to hit the Volfsballs didn’t pay off and the debutants got an 11-6 victory.

Ballers vs Panthers

It was time for the Ballers to see if they could keep up their unbeaten  record against the Panthers, but it was the experience of Ben Stanier that showed, with a succession of one points giving the Pitshanger team a 6-1 lead.

The Ballers started to claw their way back, but Ben Stanier was relentless with his single points and added a Volfsball to put them 20-5 up.

Another Volfsball from Roman in the final third gave the Panthers an unassailable lead, but a nice three point kick from Tony Ogun kept the scoreline respectable – 26 – 11.

Moons v Kilbonez

The Moons were pretty clinical with their shooting after a poor first game and shot into a 7-3 lead. A weird time out by the Kilbonez at the end of the first third led to them getting another point to make it 7-4.

Moons continued to dominate the shooting all three players Whittle, Larwood and Gregory Stanier shooting very accurately but John Collins keeping the Killbonez in the game. 14-10 up approaching the end of the first third the Moons were in the ascendency but a Volfsball from Ryan Howes turned the tables 15-14 Killbonez. A great double from Gregory Stanier made it 16-15 delicately poised for the final third.

The Moons continued shooting ones and ended winning 21-17, all three Moons players scoring seven points.

Moons v Ballers

A frantic start saw a man called Eugene hit a kick for the Ballers, Whittle replied with one for the Moons, and a Volfsball from Gregory Stanier put the Moons up 12-5.

Tony Ogun hit a record third kick of the game in the second third but a good all round Moons attack helped them sustain the lead19-10 with three minutes to go.

Pretty much the same in the last third. Let’s be honest, no-one is reading this report any more it finished 25-12.

Kilbonez v Panthers


Ryan Howes hit a Volfsball to give the Kilbonez a 5-1 lead with their first possession, but lax defending gave Roman an open shot to nail a Volfsball reply. Ben Stanier continued to target the one pointers and the heavily favoured Panthers were up 10-7 at the first break.

Tom Pitts came on and helped the Kilbonez back within 12-10, but an exact replica of the first third lax marking took place again and Roman cooly hit his second Volfsball for the Panthers 17-10.

Needing big points Ryan Howes opened the first third with his second Volfsball, the Kilbonez were back in it 17-15, but elation lasted for approximately five seconds as Ben Stanier immediately hit a Volfsball to make it 22-15.

The slick Panthers continued to hit ones, before the incredible Ryan Howes hit his third Volfsball of the game to bring the Killbonez back to 26-22. Needing a Volfsball a minute passed of really sloppy play from the Killbonez, but they found themselves in possession with ten seconds left. The ball was given to Howes to attempt his fourth Volfsball, he missed and as time elapsed and the game looked to be over Dom Hurd scooped the ball off the floor with 0.01 seconds left, and in one of the most incredible arcs seen in world history the ball went through the hoop. VOLFSBALL!

The last second Volfsball finally took place in incredible fashion. Pitchside erupted. The Panthers were in shock. There were claims that ball was out, but on closer video inspection of the slow mo there is chalk dust when Dom picked up the ball from the floor indicating it was in. The ball left his hand before the word ‘Time’ was complete giving the Kilbonez a legitimate incredible last second win 27-26. What a way to win their first game in a record seven Volfsball classic.