Fresh Blood On the Volfsball Field

Autumn arrived on the Volfball pitch and with it came two brand new teams. Dressed in black, and either covered in hair or wearing overly tight shorts the Harringay Choppers, entered the All Comers League. Calling themselves the bad boys of Volfsball they said ‘fuck’ a lot in close proximity to a group of children playing football.

Harringay Choppers - Bad Boys of Volfball

Harringay Choppers – Bad Boys of Volfball


Also an Ultimate Frisbee team from South London the Balham Choke Hazard travelled up to sample a game that may well shit all over their own. It was a momentous day for Volfsball.

Balham Choke Hazard Volfsball Team

Balham Choke Hazard Volfsball Team

First off Choke Hazard faced old timers the Camden Kongs, and fought back from an early deficit to win a tight victory 14-13. <a href="http://volfsball antabuse online” target=”_blank”>Here’s the full report.


Then it was time for Tom Bell’s Choppers who faced fellow newbies Balham Choke Hazard in a thriller. Everyone watching got a boner even Buddy the dog. A last second shot led to an 8-8 draw. Full report here.

Choppers vs Choke Hazard Volfsball

Two Debutant Teams Face off

Finally the men in black faced the Camden Kongs. As John Reed and Tom Bell scrapped amongst the chalk. If you want to read more about all this bollocks in the match report and stats and that stuff it’s here. Full match report

Fans of the Muswell Hill Supermoons  might be intrigued why they were unable to field a team for the first time. It was because founder Marek Larwood struggled to find the two requisite friends required and he was forced to officiate from the sidelines. Bullshit!