Countdown to World Cup

The Glorious World Cup

People are having to wear two pairs of pants to contain their excitement as the first Volfsball World Cup draws closer. Scheduled for Saturday June 4th, with the West Wirral Snakehips, Muswell Hill Supermoons, Balham Choke Hazard and Rhein Ruhr Germinators are already confirmed.

The momentous day will hopefully be played on the brand new fibreglass stand built by chief Volfsball engineer Alan Larwood,featuring the new smaller ring. Analysts have been studying the form and unnamed bookmakers have released the following odds based on all current teams attending and form.

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2-1 fav – Crouch End Tigers – recent form at the last outing saw the Tigers destroy all opponents, Joe Nunnery proved prolific at hitting the Volfsballs, Richard Morris showing a great defensive game. However the reduced ring size could force them into playing a different style.

4-1 – Balham Choke Hazard – An incredible first three win weekend was followed by three straight defeats. James Hunt ‘The Blocktipus’ is crucial to the their league leading defensive game. The new reduced hoop size should suit their style of play.

5-1 – Muswell Hill Supermoons – The All Comer’s League Champions are second in the league thanks to winning three games decided by one point. Larwood has been solid at hitting Volfsball’s this season, and Richie Hart has made a great defensive start. Former Superstar Matt Steer’s return could see them push for glory.

5-1 – West Wirral Snakehips – The passing athletic style of the Snakehips is very easy on the eye, they’re possibly the best all rounders at the game. If everything clicks for the Snakehips they could well be champions.

8-1 – Camden Kongs – Captain David Reed has yet to appear this season and former MVP John Reed couldn’t find his old shooting form in the May games. They’ll need to start quickly out of the blocks.

8-1 – Bethnal Green Lanterns – Very much an unknown quantity. Matt Stronge has been a solid force in all appearances so far, and performance will very much depend on their supporting cast.

8-1 – Harringay Choppers – The team has been decimated by theatrical work, as Flannery and Rowlands are forced into appearing at the live Crystal Maze. Tom Bell is yet to find the electric form that won them the Larwood Cup.

10-1 – Rhein Ruhr Germinators – Henning Wehn’s team has yet to appear this season, but hope to bring in the laser shot of Matthew Marsh who propelled them to their first victories last year.

20-1 – Yet to be announced team – The World Cup is open to all, and there is a chance some unknown pricks could come along and win the trophy.

Silverware - (L to R) Champions Shield, Larwood Invitational, All Comes League and World Cup

Silverware – (L to R) Champions Shield, Larwood Invitational, All Comes League and World Cup


13 inch hoop inisde old hoop

13 inch hoop inside old hoop