Volfsball is a sport for the new millenium. The first ever three aside, non contact sport on a circular pitch, a cross between, basketball, football and cricket. It’s set to be the greatest game of the 21st Century. The dream is for all the children of tomorrow to play Volfsball, simultaneously bringing an end to poverty and disease.

Marek Larwood came up with the concept of Volfsball in the summer of 2014. Upon discussing the idea with friends Lee Bannard and John Gordon in a pub, John suggested the name of Volfsball. The reason being that most of the other names ending in ‘ball’ were taken, and the website for Volfsball was available for £20. Buoyed on by his friends claims it was impossible to start a new sport in the 21st Century he began the quest to bring Volfsball to the masses. The journey started by sending the prototype idea to his Dad (Alan Larwood – inventor and hanging basket creator), so he could do all the work.

The first prototype was tested in November 2014, and adjustments were made for the first successful trial which took place in a field in Bembridge on the Isle of Wight on Christmas Eve 2014. Everyone who played all agreed it was the best fun they had ever had. After a second prototype test in April, the final stand was shipped to London in June, where the first ever Volfsball games took place on a North London field on June 6th, the Muswell Hill Supermoons defeating the Camden Kongs.

Since then an All Comer’s League has started where anyone who isn’t a dick can come and play. Just contact us via the facebook page or via volfsball@gmail.com

In August 2015, Adam Riches took an show called Coach Coach to the Edinburgh Festival. It featured an adapted version of high school rules Volfsball.

By the end of 2018, over 100 people and 28 teams had played Volfsball, a tournament even sprung up in Wirral called Der Goldene Volf.

2019 sees the fifth season of Volfsball with more teams than ever.

You can follow the journey of Volfsball on the documentary page. You can find out how to register you own team here.

Volfsball is looking for sponsorship or donations to help grow the sport. Also please visit the Volfsball shop to help us by buying merchandise.

Here is a video of how to play